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Professional custom HDMI switch manufacturer in China(OEM/ODM)

We have 15 years of experience in HDMI switch manufacturing and provide one-stop service for our customers. We have 10 professional designers, more than 100 experienced HDMI av products production workers.  Our engineering experts work with you to develop the ideal audio video connections for your unique application.

Custom HDMI Solutions

If you have an idea or need an idea we can help with customize a solution for you.

 Our engineering experts work with you to develop the ideal audio video connections for your unique application.

  • Input&outputs
  • Audio extractor
  • Support ARC/EARC
  • HDMI version
  • Resolution
  • Working temperature
  • Support video format
  • Temperature Range
  • Case material
  • Cable Customization

Table of Contents

Standard types of HDMI switch

Other HDMI switch types can be customized based on functionality

  1. Switch 1-16 way HDMI signal to 1 display terminal device.
  2. Supports HDTV, blu-ray DVD, Xbox, PS3, PS4, Fire TV stick, Fire TV, ROKU, Apple TV and more.
  3. Without any quality loss.

What is custom HDMI switch Manufacturers?

Custom HDMI switch manufacturer is the source factory in providing audio video switch solutions. They design according to cusomters needs on audio video connection switch solution using HDMI technology.

You will benefit from below points if you dealing with an HDMI switch manufactuer directly.

HDMI Switch 3in 1 out

1. Get professional response

To discuss real time issue with a factory can be extremely good or bad experience depends largely on sales reps performance, ie their fluency in English, their industrial knowledge and their understanding on clients, like you. 

At YunZuo our sales team gather their experience in audio video connection solution industry since 2004. Interact with clients by far has been a bi-direction improvements – we helped clients to clear out their dbouts and they helped us to making greater progress.

2. Get quick production status

Not all HDMI switch manufacturers roll up their sleeves when you put your money on them, but YunZuo does! We do this by well ahead, wisely plan.

When we say order ready for ship on Monday it’s Monday. Clients are guaranteed to get photos or videos on, 

  • Sample prototyping photos
  • function testing videos
  • raw material inspection
  • procedures during production
  • packaging of finished HDMI switches

Clients sleep at ease from payment made to HDMI switch inhands.

HDMI Switch production

3. Get efficient aftersales service

Since HDMI switch belongs to consumer electronics category, there might be aftersales issues to deal with. Take for example, by improper use from end consumers there will be power short circuit thus lead to disfunction device. 

These issues can be solved immediately at factory by substituting a new one.

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Why YunZuo is the best HDMI switch manufacturer for you?


You may be hearing about YunZuo for the first time, but in China, YunZuo has a high local reputation.

YunZuo is located in Shenzhen, the capital of China’s AV electronics industry, which has become very mature after decades of development, and the competition among every AV connection solution manufacturer is Very fierce, YunZuo can stand out in this fierce market competition not only by its high quality audio video products, but also by its complete one-stop service model and treating every customer like a friend, so that all customers can have a good experience of cooperation.

Factory premises

HDMI Splitter, Converter, Matrix, Extender manufacturer

YunZuo has 15 years of production experience in the audio video connection industry, with 11 professional HDMI splitter, switch, converter, matrix designers, over 100 skilled workders and a monthly HDMI av products production of over 60,000 pieces, so whether you are a large brand of a certain size or a startup just starting out, we can meet your product requirements and develop an exclusive brand We can help your brand grow faster.

Factory certificates

Certified HDMI Adopter YunZuo

For many years, YunZuo has been dedicated for design, manufacture and sale of audio and video equipments, includingaudio/video converters, splitters, extenders, switchers, and matrix etc. , with customers in more than 200 countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Our factory has RoHS, FCC, CE, SGS and ISO 9001 certificates, and we are proud of the quality of our av connection products.

Delivery time

We totally understand the urgency for each HDMI splitter, switch, matrix, converter project, so we treat every order as top important. This was enabled by a professional technical team together with  a group of aftersales services personel.

For sample order of a regular model, we can ship within 1 day after your payment. On design, it all depends on your requested functionality and tailored design on branding like engraving on the device shelf or on packaging color box.

To make it short,

  • 1 day for stocked sample
  • 3-10 days for OEM tailor designed sample
  • 10-25 days for bulk production order.

Every client can talk to our sales engineers to discuss case by case on delivery.

Choose us

Treating each customer as a friend, standing in the customer’s perspective for the benefit of the customer, and growing together with the customer is the reason why our factory has been developing until today and getting better and better, choose YunZuo as your HDMI audio video connection supplier, we will use our rich experience and professional knowledge to provide you with the best service.

What to consider when looking for an HDMI switch manufacturer?

HDMI Switch 7 In 1 Out 7 Ports HDMI Selector Switch (2)

To avoid mistakes and pitfalls there are a bundle of details to pay attention to before moving to a mass order. When choosing and evaluating HDMI switcher manufacturer we would suggest to consider the following points before starting a new business relationship.

  • Is it a production factory or a trading company?
    A great many ways can identify whether the supplier you are talking to is a manufacturer. 
    • talke a video call during their standard working time
    • ask their sales rep for working address and put it to google map, google street view will tell
    • turn for your China partners if there is any for advice or take an on site check
  • If your supplier is HDCP, HDMI authorized?
    This is quite simple, simply put your supplier’s company name into below website,
    • check HDMI qualification go for
    • check HDCP qualification go for
  • Judging from the website, what’s the main business of this supplier?
    Take YunZuo for example, after you open the company domain, navigate to Products, then you will see the categories which named by its main products,
    • HDMI switch,
    • HDMI splitter,
    • HDMI extender,
    • HDMI matrix
    • HDMI converter
  • Does the factory have original design capability?
    Though it’s not a must capability if you look for standard stocked items, but if you have specifications to customize, then this is a mandatory aspect.
  • Do they have strick quality control program?
    At YunZuo we have. There will be 8D quality inspection report for each production batch, and we will advice 1 week ahead for client’s inspection personel to come to our factory for final inspect before shipping.
  • If the sales rep or sale engineer can answer questions on spot or you wait long for a feedback?
    This is quite common because of time lag. However if you would like to talk to YunZuo without time discrepency, you can add whatsapp +86 15012798227

These are the lessons and treasure experience our past and current customers get from the previous purchases.

Difference between HDMI switch and HDMI splitter?

sales2@szyunzuo.com HDMI Splitter HDMI Switcher (1)

The difference between HDMI switch and HDMI splitter lies in that an HDMI splitter send single from a single media source to multiple displays, like your television or screens; while  an HDMI switch send more than one media source to one display device.  The media source are transmitted via input and output cables.

Common application difference:

  • HDMI switch: this is mostly for personal use, like in a home to connect different sources ie: Xbox, Roku, cable box, etc.to a display like your TV
  • HDMI splitter: more for commercial use, when you walk into a multi-media device stores like a store selling TVs.

HDMI Switch production process for Audio Video solution manufacturers

The basic production process of HDMI switch manufacturers includes seven processes: raw material inspection, PCBA production, SMT process, assembly, function testing, final inspection, packaging and shipping.

1. Inbound material inspection

For each part number of raw material we have strick and specific inbound inspection procedure and guideline to follow. This could block a bundle of afterward problems to occur.

2.PCBA production

We do PCBA board our own in order to have every detail under one roof control.

Using a chemical etching process we gain the correct pattern of tracks designed by our experience industrial designers.

3. SMT process

To apply all electronic components on the PBC board at this process. It enables a working board ready to function.

4. Assembly

To mount the PCB boards to the frame either in aluminum housing or plastic case with metal frame to be a whole set device.

5. Packing

In order to brand your own style, you can have logo and artwork printed on the device and on the package. 

6. Shipping

Ship by air or by sea depends on your project urgency.

Packing size and weight will be stated clearly in a packing list before shipping so that you have a general idea on which shipping method you are going to choose.