AOC Cable (6)

Active Optical Fiber At Ultimate Solutions

HDMI AOC (Active Optical) UHD cable for critical and versatile installations.It supports HDMI data rates up to18Gbps with a lightweight, flflexible and ultra-small long-term bend radius hybrid cable.

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Spec Details


HDMI AOC (Active Optical) UHD cable for critical and versatile installations.
It supports HDMI data rates up to18Gbps with a lightweight, flexible and ultra-small long-term bend radius hybrid cable.
Advanced optical engine is built-in. This HDMI hybrid cable provides full HDMI signal integrity, supports up to 100 meters, and is plug-and-play. No external power required source.

Main features

► Maximum length not exceeding 100m. (Custom lengths available)
► Supports a wide range of resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (color space 4:4:4) 3D and deep color
► Plug and Play
► Supports multi-channel audio, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio
► Compatible with HDMI 2.0 standards: EDID, CEC, HDCP (2.2), HDR (High Dynamic Range), HEC, ARC, etc.
► No signal loss – instantly delivers crystal clear digital images
► Reduced electromagnetic interference and RF interference
► High tensile strength and compression load
► Source and display clearly printed on the connector for easy identification
► Supports 18Gbps ultra-high speed
► Hybrid fiber optic and copper cable


► Digital Signage
► LED signage for streets and stadiums
► Medical imaging equipment
► Airborne video systems
► Home theater
► Blu-ray, 3D video, projectors, installation boxes, DVRs, game consoles and computers
► TV Stations
► Conference room video equipment
► Security Systems



Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameters Symbol Minutes Maximum value Unit
Supply Voltage VCC 4.5 5.5 V
Operating temperature Top 0 60 °C
Storage temperature Ts 0 60 °C
Relative Humidity Hs 30 75 %RH

Recommended operating conditions

Parameters Symbol Minutes Typical Max. Unit
Power supply voltage VCC 4.75 5.0 5.25 V
Working temperature Top 0 50 °C


HDMI AOC (Active Optical)

Parameters Description
HDCP & DDC HDCP 2.0 fully supports bidirectional EDID and HDCP communications
Video Bandwidth 6 Gbps/x3 channels (max) + clock
Support refresh rate Maximum supported frequency is 120Hz, 1080P or 2160P 4:2:0
Supported protocols 4Kx2K 4:4:4 60Hz
O/E converter Transmitter 4-channel 850 nm VCSEL array
O/E converter Receiver 4 CH GaAs PD array
Connector Type HDMI type A
Cable Type Hybrid OM3 fiber and copper wire
Cable length 15m/20m/30m/40m/50m/60m/70m/80m/90m/100m( +/-30cm)length can be customized
Cable outer diameter 4.5mm
Sheath outer material PVC/TPU(can be customized)
Cable packing Aramid
Cable weight See packing
Cable color Black
Differential Input 100 Ohms (typical)
Power consumption 200mW(max)
Power Non-external power supply required

HDMI Type A Pin Assignment

AOC cable Diagram 1
Pins Function Pins Function
1 T.M.D.S.Data 2+ 11 Clock shield
2 T.M.D.S.Data 2Shield 12 TMDSClock-
3 T.M.D.S.Data 2- 13 CEC
4 T.M.D.S.Data 1+ 14 Utility
5 T.M.D.S.Data 1Shield 15 SCL
6 T.M.D.S.Data 1- 16 SDA
7 T.M.D.S.Data 0+ 17 DDC/CECGrounding
8 T.M.D.S.Data 2Shield 18 +5V Power supply
9 T.M.D.S.Data 0- 19 Hot-plug detection
10 TMDSClock +


Transmitter, e.g. DVD、PC

Display side, e.g. TV

AOC cable mounting
Angle ±60°
Bending radius 20mm
Load test 200g
Swing speed 20 circle per minute
Load Distance 30cm
Testing Standards Test limit value

Hybrid cable profile

AOC cable core