HDMI Matrix 8x8 with RS232 Loop (HY-8088-1.4V)

HDMI Matrix 8×8 with RS232 Loop

HDMI8088 matrix is a new generation of high-definition HDMI matrix that our company is dedicated to build; support HDMI1.4a standard, resolution up to 4K@30HZ, 1080@60HZ; support two-key quick switch; support broadcast-level crystal visualization button; support HDCP, support EDID transmission and learning; support audio and video synchronous switching, suitable for conference rooms, command centers, multimedia room and other application scenarios.

System Structure

HDMI Matrix 8x8 with RS232 Loop (3)

HDMI Matrix 8x8 with RS232 Loop (3)


Technical Advantages

  • 4KUltra HD input and output
    Supports 8 HDMI inputs, 8 HDMI outputs, and the device supports HDMI 1.4a protocol version, each channel supports: 4K x 2K@30Hz, 1080P@60Hz.
  • Image color enhancement
    Deep Color supports 48/36/30/24-bit, which enhances the color depth of the signal flowing through the HDMI jack.
  • Synchronized audio and video switching
    Support embedded audio, support LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital+ and DTS-HD Master Audio transmission, support simultaneous switching of audio and video signals
  • Two-button switching
    Adopt the first two-button switching operation, just press the input key and then the output key to achieve rapid signal switching and shutdown.
  • Visualization button
    The use of radio-grade crystal visualization keys, key lights can indicate the input and output channel signal switching status, convenient for pre-signal debugging and post-maintenance.
  • LCD Display
    Front panel LCD display capable of showing real-time matrix signal switching status and system configuration.
  • Multiple Control Modes
    Support visual button, RS-232, remote control and TCP/IP control mode
  • EDID reading and writing
    Support EDID erasable and EDID adaptive function, able to read the EDID data of back-end display devices on site, better adapt to the diversity of display devices on site, improve compatibility, completely eliminate dissatisfaction screen, black edge and other problems.
  • HDCP
    HDCP support for each input, supporting genuine Blu-ray DVDs, set-top boxes and other encrypted HD signal source devices.
  • ESD Static protection design
    ESD protection design, can withstand human body discharge mode: ± 8kV (air gap discharge), ± 4kV (contact discharge), effectively avoiding electrostatic interference and damage to equipment.
  • Aero screw power connector
    Adopt aviation-style screw power interface for the stability of the power supply.

Specification Parameter

HDMI0808 Matrix Specification Parameter
Type HDMI0808
Input 8×HDMI
Output 8×HDMI
Device Height 1U
Size(mm) 482×282×44(mm)
Weight 3.6kg
Resolution 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p ,1080i, 1080p@60Hz, 4K@30Hz
Control Interface 1 RS-232 IN、1RS-232 OUT、1RJ-45、1 IR
Protocol Standards HDMI1.4a、HDCP1.4
Electrostatic protection Human discharge mode:  ± 8kV (Air-gap discharge)     ± 4kV (Contact discharge)
Control method Visual button、RS232、TCP/IP、IR control
Power Rating 36W
Power supply External power supply,AC:110V-240V 50/60Hz、DC:12V/3A